BCA is absolutely fantastic. I see Andy for acupuncture at least a couple of times a month, and he’s incredibly caring, thoughtful, and knowledgeable–I always look forward to paying him a visit. As for the treatments themselves, I’ve had life-long lower back pain, which ranges from annoying to completely debilitating, and Andy’s treatments now have it wholly under control–I’ve not felt this good in years. His acupuncture treatments have also helped significantly with respiratory and stomach issues, and, for me, an hour at BCA is far and away the single best means of stress relief. As if that wasn’t enough, BCA is sliding scale, which allows me to visit as often as I need to without breaking the bank at all. Bottom line,acupuncture is now a constant and essential part of my well-being, all thanks to Andy and BCA. – Cody Y. 4/20/2011

I have seen Tiffany for acupuncture treatments for hormonal issues several times now and it has been a great experience. She has a very calming, caring presence and I feel as though she really listens to me. I feel like my issues are improving but I am truly impressed with the open communication that is often lacking in western medicine. I have recommended Tiffany and Berkeley Community Acupuncture to my friends and family. – Brooke B. 7/3/2013

I have been seeing Andy for acupuncture since January 2012 and cannot say enough good things about my experience. I am a 30-something dancer, and came to Andy with severe arthritis in my foot. I had surgery which actually made the pain worse, and I couldn’t even walk a block without it hurting. After several months seeing Andy, I can now walk several miles without pain. After trying so many different western and alternative treatment options, working with Andy was the only thing that made a significant impact. It has changed the quality of my life immensely, and I am so grateful. – Sarah L. 7/4/2013

I went to Berkeley Community Acupuncture for the first time yesterday. It was my first experience with acupuncture, so I was nervous! Andrew Young was my acupuncturist… and he was incredible! He has such a gentle, warm demeanor, and is also professionally humorous. He prepared me for the process, and explained everything to me so wonderfully to make sure I was comfortable. The treatment was incredible as well! I highly recommend Andrew Young, and Berkeley Community Acupuncture. I will continue going here for treatments. I am a believer! – Alissa W. 5/17/2013

Got to Berkeley by a recommendation from a friend, not Yelp, cause I was in so much pain I wasn’t thinking straight! Bryan is my kind of masseuse. Listened first, got out the aches and pains in one hour. Did I mention the first massage is $39 for an hour of h-e-a-v-e-n. Talked when I talked, was quiet when I needed quiet. Bonus! Showed me stuff to do on my own to increase mobility where it wasn’t. Bonus! Scheduled online with their web assisted scheduling. Bonus! Regular visits get an annual deal. This place is far from my neighborhood but as anyone who has needed a masseuse knows – it’s worth the trip. I’m a BCA’er from here on out! – Kate K. 1/31/2012

I can’t say or point to one bad thing regarding Berkeley Community Acupuncture in Denver. It has a clean environment, warm setting, and very caring and knowledgeable people. I have been to a few other clinics and this one is the best one I’ve been to thus far. No need to look anywhere else either. These folks care, bottom line. I had this nagging muscle strain in my neck and back for weeks and a friend recommended that I go check them out. I left there free of pain – acupuncture, cupping and massage. All were done by Scott Dorn. Five stars! I highly recommend them! – Andrew N. 7/14/2010

I first walked in the doors when BCA was pretty new to the area. I had never had acupuncture before but I was curious to see why so many of my friends swore by it. Andy instantly put me at ease as he explained the healing properties of acupuncture as well as his own background and expertise. We decided to focus the treatments on my chronically tight neck and shoulder muscles. I had basically given up on trying to heal my muscles since all other methods I’ve tried failed to work for me. After a relaxing 45 minute session, I walked out the doors in what felt like a new body. I was and still am amazed at the nearly instantaneous healing powers of acupuncture. Andy and Scott have created a welcoming and comfortable environment that’s super clean to boot. Nothing but praise from me. BCA accepts most major insurance policy’s but for those who policy’s don’t cover it or have no insurance at all, their sliding pay scale is such a thoughtful option to make it more affordable for the rest of us. – Ashley W. 9/17/2010

I went in because I am training for a half marathon and I have a very weak back — reoccurring knots, lots of stiffness, the usual. FULL DISCLOSURE: I work with Scottie Dorn and he’s awesome but I had no idea he also worked here. When I came into work all stiff and complaining he directed me to BCA. He also suggested I go to Nick because he’s got a background in physical therapy and rehabilitation (and let’s face it, as relaxing as a massage is, what I really needed was someone to be firm and really work out those tough knots). Nick is great — GREAT! I plan to get another massage next month and the month after. I felt drunk — off of RELIEF! HURT SO GOOD. He also took his time on the knots and asked me questions and listened when I said “right there!” or “the pain spreads upward!” or what have you. I mean I don’t make a habit of shouting in massages, I think I am just excited to share the relief so that’s why I am using so many exclamation points! – Elizabeth T. 3/1/2011

I can’t say enough good things about Berkeley Community Acupuncture. The practitioners are super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and the treatments have been very effective. I have been treated by both Andy and Scott, and was always surprised with how much care and time they spent figuring out my health issue. My health issue was extremely complex, but over a bit of time Andy and Scott tenaciously unraveled each symptom to get to the root of the problem. They never gave up, which to me is very impressive. I feel so much better thanks to them! – jp t. 3/15/2011

I am an avid runner and have dealt with many aches and pains associated with distance running. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of needles, but after trying out other methods of pain relief, I was up to try anything. After my first visit to BCA I realized that acupuncture is not a scary thing at all, but actually a relaxing and enjoyable experience! Go figure. After a few visits to Scott, my pain start to bother me less and less to the point that I was running pain free! Hooray! Another side bonus is that I noticed my stress and anxiety levels were lower from my visits. There is a sense of peace and calm that I felt each time I left the office. I am definitely a believer now, and will keep coming back for more! I haven’t been treated by Andy but have referred friends who say he is great as well! – Cassie N. 1/20/2011

Had my first appointment a few days ago in the middle of an allergy crisis. I mean CRISIS. Scott was able to get me in right away and was very gentle and friendly. He is young, but having grown up around Chinese medicine he is very knowledgeable and competent. Why do I get acupuncture when needles fill me with mortal terror say you? Because it works. After the intake portion (he asks a lot of questions… very detailed) I laid down on the table, dreading what I knew would come next. Scott was mercifully swift and accurate. His needling technique was extremely confident and I quickly relaxed, knowing I was in good hands. Since my appointment I have felt like the giant cloud hanging over my life is gone. I am still congested but the “help me!” feeling has passed. Everything is cruising along at a managable level… Berkeley Community Acupuncture hasn’t been around all that long but I can see a long, prosperous future for them in my crystal ball. They offer an outstanding service at outstanding prices and their sliding scale makes acupuncture accessible to everyone. As an artist and musician I am always looking for a bargain and Berkeley Community Acupuncture is worth way more than you pay. My only concern in writing this review is that they are going to get so busy that I will have to start fighting for appointments. Go say hi to them during the First Fridays Artwalk on Tennyson. You’ll be glad you did. – Gina T. 6/14/2010

Great place. The acupuncturist I had an appointment with was very competent and knowledgeable and did great work. Also very affordable. Great up-and-coming local business that I would recommend to anyone looking for acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicinal treatments (or anyone just wanting to avoid the tribulations of the conventional American medical system). Had my first appointment last week and I set up another for a week later before I left. It’s really great to have a place like this in our town. Highly recommended. – Grant G. 8/22/2009

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