How Acupuncture May Help to Lessen Your Child’s Seasonal Allergies

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If your child suffers from seasonal allergies from pollen or ragweed, or has chronic allergies due to the presence of a cat or dog in the home, you may have considered a variety of treatments to help manage his or her symptoms. Some children may forget to take a medication or have a hard time swallowing a pill, while the prospect of allergy shots may seem daunting to a child. If you are looking for an alternative treatment, you may want to try an acupuncture session in Denver.


Acupuncture Methods for Allergies
The most common way that an acupuncturist in Denver offers treatment is to apply acupressure on certain acupuncture meridian points associated with allergy symptoms. During a treatment session, the acupuncturist uses clean, small needles that are applied to places where blockages of energy are thought to be. These blockages are thought to be the cause of the allergy symptoms. Acupuncture can be used to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies or chronic allergies like dust.

Frequency of Acupuncture for Allergy Treatment
Children with a strong immune system response to specific allergens may occasionally require more than one session of acupuncture. If your child has many allergies, plan on one visit per allergen. Your child will need to avoid exposure to the allergen for about 48 hours after an acupuncture treatment. Children usually need fewer acupuncture treatments for allergies than adults do, as they respond better to care. As your child grows, new allergies may develop. Your child can resume acupuncture care at any time that new symptoms develop.

Allergy Symptoms Treated by Acupuncture
One child’s allergy symptoms may be worse or different than what another child experiences. Children with seasonal allergies often develop symptoms like itchy eyes and skin, runny or congested noses, watery eyes, sneezing, headaches and sinus pressure. As soon as you notice that your child could have allergy symptoms, it is important to begin treatment.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most respected alternative treatments in the world, and is known for its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of conditions. Drop by a trusted acupuncture practice, such as Berkley Community Acupuncture & Massage Therapy, to see how acupuncture can help your child.


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