Denver Massage Therapists Offer Relief from Core Distortion Pains

Posted on: August 15, 2014 by in Industry News
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There are a lot of factors which can result in people experiencing body pains, like doing too much physical work, tension and stress. While these things can be avoided with moderation or regulating the amount of physical activity one does, there are natural or genetic factors that cannot be prevented from contributing to muscle pains. Don McCann shared his findings as a practicing licensed massage therapist for 39 years on one of these factors, called core distortion, in his latest article for Massage Today:

I then used both applied and functional kinesiology to further evaluate and verify the standing postural observations. What emerged was a consistent pattern from the head to the feet that showed a spiraling twist going around and through the body. What became apparent as I viewed the body from the anterior, posterior and both sides, was the consistent anterior rotation of the left ilium and posterior rotation of the right ilium. This was verified 100% using functional and applied kinesiology. I have not found any terminology describing this full body distortion in any literature or in research, yet almost everyone recognizes major parts of it. Consequently, to help clarify the concept I chose to name it the “core distortion” since it involved the legs, pelvis, spine, thorax and cranium – the core of every client.

While there is no clear cure to core distortion as the problem is embedded to the body’s natural makeup, there are ways to induce relief from the pains brought by the natural imbalances in the body. One effective way people can try is to get a relaxing massages from qualified Denver massage therapists who will target stress points and try to put the appropriate pressure on the root causes of the pain to ensure real relief.

Many established Denver massage centers, such as Berkeley Community Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, employ professional massage therapists who have carefully studied the human physiology and have undergone extensive training to provide quality therapeutic services. This enables them to properly apply pressure on stress points to release pain, induce relief from the tensions muscles are experiencing, and even alleviate symptoms of depression and help people get a proper night’s rest.

Core distortion is a natural body imbalance that needs to be extensively studied by the medical profession. While clear treatment plans for the pain the imbalance creates, people can rely on a good massage session professional therapists offer for effective body and muscle pain relief.

(Source: The Evolution of Releasing the Core Distortion, Don McCann, July 2014)