Acupuncture: A Leading Pain Management Option for Denver Residents

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Acupuncture has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s a testament to its effectiveness that it continues to remain a popular and widely-used form of treatment for those suffering with chronic pain and several other health conditions in Denver and throughout the rest of the United States.


The practice involves the penetration of small, thin, and usually metallic needles into the skin to stimulate specific pressure points on the body. According to the method, these pressure points connect to specific pathways (known as “meridians” in the acupuncture world). These meridians are known to carry and disperse essential energy (known as “chi” by acupuncturists) throughout the body.

The basis of acupuncture is that when there is a blockage in the flow of this chi, our well-being is disrupted and illness is able to thrive. The act of stimulating certain acupuncture points works to keep blockages from occurring and to revitalize the patient’s overall health.

Acupuncture and Pain Management

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says that acupuncture is a favorable alternative for treating certain conditions known for producing chronic pain. While further research is always being conducted in order to gain a wider understanding of the treatment’s effectiveness, there are many health conditions that have been shown to improve when acupuncture is used.

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of receiving acupuncture, though, is the relief it offers for those suffering with migraines and/or headaches. A study performed in 2009 proposes that acupuncture is just as effective, if not more effective, than many migraine-protecting medications.

Next, acupuncture has long been thought to benefit patients dealing with osteoarthritis (specifically osteoarthritis of the knee). Based on a review and meta-analysis taken in 2007, some patients who underwent an intensive two-to-four-week treatment program have seen some relief, albeit short term, related to their osteoarthritis knee pain.

Lastly, acupuncture is wildly popular among those suffering with lower back pain. A study from 2009 followed 638 adults who complained of chronic back pain. According to the results, those who received 10 acupuncture sessions over the course of 7 weeks saw noticeable improvement in their back-pain-related symptoms compared to those who received traditional care.

Acupuncture in Denver
Denver residents experiencing some form of chronic pain can discover how acupuncture can be beneficial by visiting a leading acupuncture practitioner in Denver such as the ones at Berkeley Community Acupuncture and Massage Therapy.


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