Regular Therapeutic Massage for Denver Residents Has Several Benefits

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Massage is one of the oldest types of medical therapy on record. The earliest accounts have it traced to 2700 BC, with Chinese historical documents stating that massages were used as treatment for ailments ranging from paralysis to labor pains. It isn’t only in ancient China that massage was popular; Egyptian and Indian histories have also noted the use of massage as treatment. It should be no surprise then that many doctors recommend a visit to Denver massage clinics like Berkeley Community Continue Reading ...

Effective Acupuncture for Denver Residents Can Help Resolve Their Pain

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People suffer from pain from various reasons. It can be caused by injuries to the muscles, a side effect of surgery, or old age. The most common way to treat pain is through medication, however, using them isn’t always successful. That is why alternative treatments like getting acupuncture near Denver can be a useful way to help those suffering from chronic pain. Acupuncture is an Eastern way of treatment that has a history of being used for thousands of years. However, it only started Continue Reading ...

Naked Science: The Truth behind a Nice, Soothing Massage in Denver

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When someone talks about getting a soothing massage in Denver, what may immediately come to mind is the wide variety of different styles (Swedish, Thai, etc.) Each and every method, however, boils down to one common definition: a skilled manipulation of soft body tissues to improve health and well-being. Massage is hailed by many as a way of relaxing tired, aching muscles. Still, not everyone knows about what actually goes on behind the scenes that makes massage therapy such a reinvigorating Continue Reading ...

Denver Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Company Hires Acupuncturist

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As a leading Denver acupuncture and massage therapy institution, we at Berkeley Community Acupuncture and Massage Therapy make sure that we provide our patrons with only the best service. Our goal is to provide quality holistic health care that is both affordable and effective. We strive to keep abreast of all developments in acupuncture treatments and massage therapy. In this spirit, we proudly welcome Macushla Hobin as the newest addition to our excellent team of acupuncturists. Macushla Continue Reading ...

How Skilled Denver Massage Therapists Can Keep You Happy and Healthy

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Massage therapy is more than just getting back rubs. A massage done by a professional offers numerous health benefits that people with different lifestyles can enjoy. Whether you’re a patient who wishes to lessen the pain caused by a recent surgery, an athlete who wants to ease sore joints and muscles, or simply a stressed office worker who wants to feel relaxed and relieved, hiring a Denver massage therapist can aid in the holistic development of one’s health and well-being. It Can Continue Reading ...

Denver Acupuncture Practitioners Can Help Alleviate Pain and Stress

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In the American Psychological Association’s most recent study about stress, data shows that stress levels nationwide are in a steady decline, yet Denver, the largest city in the state of Colorado, tells a different story. Denver residents believe that the stress they are experiencing exceeds the average amount, causing them to engage in unhealthy behavior such as stress eating and failing to get enough sleep. Aside from causing changes in one’s moods and habits, stress could also Continue Reading ...

Denver Massage Therapies Address Pains Coming from Various Muscles

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Don't ignore your minor muscles. As David Kent, LMT, NCTMB writes in Massage Today, “Sometimes it is the smallest of muscles that can create the most servere types of pain.” Muscles like the biceps, triceps, and deltoid receive much attention because they're bigger and much more visible. However, many body movements are the workings of small muscles nicely tucked within bigger ones. For example, the serratus anterior at the sides of your chests allow you to rotate your arms upward. If Continue Reading ...

Acupuncture in Denver: Why Fear of Needles Should not Keep You Away

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Trypanophobia--the fear of needles--is a health nuisance. It can prevent people from getting the necessary treatment (e.g., vaccinations), or from helping others get treatment (e.g., blood donation). It's difficult to determine how prevalent trypanophobia is, but it can be a deterrent in the promotion of overall health. Acupuncture needles aren't spared from this fear. Anything that's sharp, pointy, and simply needle-like can make trypanophobes turn away. Denver residents with this kind of Continue Reading ...

Denver Massage Therapy: An Effective Way to Relieve Everyday Stress

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As the climate has now transitioned from the lazy summer into the hectic fall season, it's natural for one to feel a bit more stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Whether you are facing a major deadline at work, have children going back to school, or are busy planning a vacation for the holidays, the coming months can certainly take its toll on your well-being. Massage therapy at a Denver massage clinic offers you a way to fight back. The need for some rest and relaxation Stress is Continue Reading ...

To Your Health: Why it’s Time to Give Acupuncture in Denver a Try

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For centuries, the Chinese have used acupuncture to treat pain and other ailments. They believe that the method encourages the body to promote natural healing, thereby improving its functions. The Chinese explain that channels of energy flow in a regular pattern throughout the body, and that these channels nourish the body’s tissues the way streams of water irrigate farmland. An obstruction to these channels is like a dam that hampers the flow of water. Acupuncture is done to unblock these Continue Reading ...